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An entrepreneur's journey from farmland to corporate house.

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We are proud of our achievements!

"I believe there are thousands of opportunities for creating new markets and creating new companies to serve the three billion customers in the world who are bypassed by current markets. It will take nothing less than a revolution in how business designs, prices, markets and delivers its products and services to accomplish this. But the outcome of this revolution will be to create millions of new jobs, help more than a billion people move out of poverty, and take a giant step toward ending environmental imbalance on the planet."

Group Overview

Indigram Group includes the following social cum business ventures.

Enterprises Incubated

Through various Govt/Non Govt schemes and programmes Indigram Group has incubated a total of 2458 odd small enterprises in the last decade ending December 31st, 2017. The largest among these has been scaled from incubation to the current size of size of @ USD 8 million. We have been acting as an incubator/social impact investor well before these terms gained currency.

S.No. State Total enterprises
1 Madhya Pradesh 459
2 Haryana 236
3 Punjab 202
4 Jharkhand 194
5 Assam 195
6 Jammu & Kashmir 133
7 West Bengal 145
8 Himachal Pradesh 105
9 Uttrakhand 98
10 Gujarat 98
11 Rajasthan 508
12 Chattisgarh 74
13 Nagaland 11
Total 2458